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Eurocup Fab Five Challenge: HOW TO PLAY


Step 1

Log on to http://fabfive.eurocupbasketball.com Click on "REGISTER HERE!", read the Terms and Conditions, and complete the registration form (in English). Fill in all required fields. Don't forget that the e-mail address you enter must be valid or your registration request will not be accepted.
NOTE: *If you are already registered for bwin Euroleague Fantasy Challenge, you may use your username and password to participate in Eurocup Fab Five Challenge. Once entered, you can skip to Step 3.

Step 2

After completing registration, look at the inbox of the e-mail address you supplied during registration. If your registration is accepted, you will receive an e-mail from Eurocup Fab Five Challenge entitled "Registration Confirmation". The link inside the e-mail will contain your user name and will take you to Eurocup Fab Five Challenge. Click that e-mail link or copy it into the address bar of your Internet browser.

Step 3

At the Eurocup Fab Five Challenge entry page, fill in the user name and password you chose at registration. Click ENTER.

Step 4

Click on "Create Team". The new page you reach will have five empty slots for players. FIRST, fill in your team name. Click on the "CHOOSE" buttons to purchase 5 players, one from each range. Each group of players appears according to rating range in a pop-up window. Choose one player from each pop-up list. Click on the "CHANGE" button if you wish to change a player before the weekly deadline, one hour before the first Eurocup game starts.

Step 5

Once you have chosen all 5 players - one from each range - look for the "CONFIRM TEAM" button above your team name. Click on "CONFIRM TEAM" and you have your Eurocup Fab Five Challenge team! Come back after all Eurocup games are played that week to check your score and update your team!
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